Vulture and Osprey Removal from Airports

The millions of dollars in damage to airplanes and down-time and the potential threat to passengers has created a need for a solution to keep vultures and osprey away from airports. Bird Deterrent Technologies has developed an effective, durable effigy system that will mitigate the threat of bird strikes and make the airways safe for travel.

The BDT patent-pending effigy system is the first solution to effectively deter ospreys from nesting and vultures from congregating around airports with minimal repetitive costs. If you’re looking for a long-term solution to minimize the population of vultures and preventing bird strikes then our effigy solution is for you.

Deterring Vultures and Osprey from Airports

Unsightly vultures congregate on the areas around an airport and ILS towers causing massive amounts of damage to the towers and dramatically increasing the chance for bird strikes. BDT calculates the number and position of our patent-pending vulture effigies for optimum coverage of the towers and the airport complex. Then, our certified installers will place the vulture effigies on the site to mitigate the vulture roosting problem.

Airport sites with ILS towers that host osprey for nesting season causes countless hours of lost revenue and expenses of monitoring both the beginning and the ending of the nesting season. Tower maintenance is restricted significantly during these months of breeding and nesting seasons. BDT offers two types of eagle effigies, roosting in a nest and standing in its territorial ground.

Osprey deterrent mounted on cell tower
Deter Vultures from cell towers
Deter vultures from cell towers
Eagle effigy being mounted on cell tower

The BDT Osprey Deterrent solution includes the eagle effigy, all of the hardware necessary for installation, including the humane deterrence sign for the gate at each site, and installation.

The BDT Vulture Deterrent solution includes multiple vulture effigies, all of the brackets and hardware necessary for installation, the human deterrence signage, and installtion.

  • 1 year manufacturing warranty
  • Manufactured by an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company.
  • The bird is made of a UV rated urethane with a stainless steel internal structure.
  • All brackets for connection are brackets currently being used in the cell industry.
  • End-to-end management of the entire process by BDT
  • Single purchase order
  • We use your authorized tower techs

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Note: Our products are only available in the United States.