How to Deter Osprey from Nesting on your Towers

Osprey nests cause costly problems for owners of cell towers, water towers, and transmission line towers because you have to wait months for the young to fledge out and leave the nest site. Osprey nesting on towers only contributes to an accelerated behavior on the part of these birds preferring to use these platforms for nesting. When raised on these structures, young osprey are predetermined to only use these structures to build their own nests. The BDT eagle effigy is the best solution on how to deter osprey from nesting on your towers.

Deter Osprey from nesting on towers

Safe, Humane, Effective

Our solution for osprey nesting on vertical structures stems from years of falconry experience and working within the nuisance wildlife industry resolving problems with birds and wildlife. The BDT solution? A replica bald eagle that challenges the osprey’s nesting territory by taking over the nesting territory with a much larger more powerful predator. The replica triggers the osprey’s self-preservation instincts, leading it to abandon the subject nesting territory for a safer one far away from the threat. Not only is our solution effective, but it is safe, humane, and friendly to public relations.

The bald eagle replica has proven to be extremely effective on historical osprey nesting sites. Osprey simply will not nest on a site that may put their young in danger of predation.

Test results show complete effectiveness on osprey nest site abandonment.

Humane deterrence of osprey from tower nesting

The BDT Osprey Deterrent Solution

The BDT Osprey Deterrent solution includes the eagle effigy, all of the hardware necessary for installation, including the humane deterrence sign for the gate at each site, and installation. 

  • 1 year manufacturing warranty
  • Manufactured by an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company.
  • The bird is made of a UV rated urethane with a stainless steel internal structure.
  • All brackets for connection are brackets currently being used in the cell industry.
  • End-to-end management of the entire process by BDT
  • Single purchase order
  • We use your authorized tower techs

We manage the climb and installation through our end-to-end program that standardizes the purchase from quote to installation to closeout. This means one purchase order and minimal paperwork by the purchaser.

Eagle Effigy in Production
Eagle Effigy in Production
Eagle effigy being mounted on a tower

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