How to Deter Vultures from Towers and Airports

BDT provides bird deterrent products to safely and effectively remove vultures from roosting on a variety of vertical structures including telecom towers, power line, or any other structures that may be housing vulture roosts. Effectively mitigating the problem with additional tower maintenance and the high bacterial health threats to ground and climb crew personnel from their fecal remains.

Vultures cause costly problems for owners of airports, cell and water towers, and cattle ranches every year. Bird strikes are a constant threat to safe air travel. With 1,270 reported bird strikes between 1990 and 2017, vultures are among the most commonly struck bird.

But, the owners of water towers, electrical transmission towers,  and cattle ranchers are equally vulnerable to the costs vultures can cause. Even zoos can benefit from our solution because they are often inundated with vultures. The BDT vulture effigy is the best solution for how to deter vultures from nesting on your towers.

Safe, Humane, Effective

Our solution for vultures roosting near airports, cattle ranches, zoos and on vertical structures stems from years of falconry experience and working within the nuisance wildlife industry resolving problems with birds and wildlife. The BDT solution? A replica vulture effigy that challenges the vulture’s natural self preservation mechanism to disperse the vultures away to another location. Not only is our solution effective, but it is safe, humane, and friendly to public relations.

The vulture effigy has proven to be extremely effective on historical vulture roosting areas and  sites. And, unlike the traditional use of real vulture carcasses we eliminate the repetitive cost of replacement.

Test results show complete effectiveness on vulture roosting site abandonment.

Deter Vultures from Airports and Towers

The BDT Vulture Deterrent Solution

The BDT Vulture Deterrent solution includes the vulture effigy, all of the hardware necessary for installation, including the humane deterrence sign for the gate at each site, and installation. 

  • 1 year manufacturing warranty
  • Manufactured by an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company.
  • The bird is made of a UV rated urethane with a stainless steel internal structure.
  • All brackets for connection are brackets currently being used in the cell industry.
  • End-to-end management of the entire process by BDT
  • Single purchase order
  • We use your authorized tower techs

We manage the installation through our end-to-end program that standardizes the purchase from quote to installation to closeout. This means one purchase order and minimal paperwork by the purchaser.

Vulture deterrent for cell towers and power transmission towers
Vulture effigy to deter vultures from roosting
Vulture effigy to deter vultures on Water Towers

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Note: Our products are only available in the United States.